NYLON:                                                                                                 DURABLE!

  • Great for high traffic areas.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Stain resistant from treatment. It is non-absorbent so liquid spills can be blotted up.
  • Can be more costly.

OLEFIN/POLYPROPYLENE:                                                                    BUDGET FRIENDLY!

  • Dirt, food, and spills roll off the strands.
  • Budget friendly.
  • Flattens from walking, crushes under furniture, flash burns from dragging furniture.
    • To help prevent this, use in low-traffic areas. Find a low-pile, loop, or Berber. Move furniture frequently, or not at all. Lift your furniture when moving, don’t drag it across the carpet.

(TRADITIONAL) PET POLYESTER:                                                          COLORS GALORE!

  • Naturally stain resistant because it is made from recycled materials and there is nothing in the fibers for the liquid to soak into.
  • Easier to dye in bold colors which allows for a larger variety of color options.
  • Budget friendly.
  • Attracts oils, which bind with dirt. A dirty looking carpet is probably just oily.
  • Crushes easily.

SMART STRAND:                                                                     STAIN RESISTANT!

  • The stain resistance in a SmartStrand carpet is woven directly into the fiber instead of having a topical treatment applied after the carpet is made. This allows tough stains, such as mustard and red wine, to be removed by blotting the area with warm water.
  • Great for high traffic areas.
  • Can be more costly.

WOOL:                                                                                                  REPELS OIL STAINS!

  • Highly resilient. It will keep its shape.
  • Wool repels oils, which help it maintain a clean appearance.
  • It is an insulator which will help reduce your heating and cooling bills.
  • Wool is a natural fiber that can be made without chemicals and dyes. This makes certain wool carpets hypoallergenic, so long as you aren’t allergic to wool, and a great green option by being organic.
  • Not  stain resistant against spills unless treated topically at the factory.
  • Fades under sunlight and absorbs water.
  • Costly and requires more care than a nylon.